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Iceland recap video GoPro Hero 4 Silver


I’ve finally managed to edit my first video from our road trip to Iceland, which took me quite a while, though considering I learned everything from filming, to editing it all on the go I am quite happy with my first amateur test. Looking forward to the next exciting trip when I could apply everything […]

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Road trip in Iceland


The idea of living in the big city, that seems so appalling and glamorous to all of us when we’re kids starts to gradually fade and change through the course of our physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Once “you’ve been there, done that” in your social relationships and career achievements, what else can the big […]

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Cambodia and Indonesia


I went on this trip in August, 2014 but due to lack of time, willingness and probably a bit of laziness the travel report comes now, eight months later. With Southeast Asia being a destination with so many wonderful options, we were initially hesitating a lot on what to put on our list as priority . […]

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They say that travelling is always an enriching and meditative experience, no matter your destination, but my last trip to Iran proved again that certain places and cultures ( and they’re mostly the less visited by the common tourist) really have the power to change and enrich you enormously, taking you to a completely different […]

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Menswear SS’15


Designers have taken a sharp turn in Menswear fashion for Spring Summer 2015. Looks like we are coming out of the “dark ages” and that with a twist and a really short notice. Red, pink, green, blue and orange are the main colours on the palette in their both bold and pastel versions over crepe, chiffon, […]

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Vera Wang bridal Spring’15


For 25 years, the queen of bridal Vera Wang has been surprising us with something new and edgy with every collection. Either a collection all in black, with long black leather sleeves or one totally in pink, the designer always approaches bridal with a different perspective and vision and gains the hearts of all types […]

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Sicky Mag launch spot


Here’s the latest work of MMMIND studio for the launch of SICKY magazine where I collaborated with a voice over. Great team and great results! Get a copy! Share this:FacebookEmail

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Menswear SS’14


After finally going through almost all collections for next spring, I could divide two leading directions in which menswear is heading to. One (and luckily) is still the minimal look, gaining more power with each season. With clean and polished silhouettes, 80’s volumes or 60’s cuts, the minimal look currently defines for me the contemporary […]

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Armani – Frames Of Life


Luc, a writer; Carlos, a young barman; Nina, a talented cellist; Lucille and Adrian, two successful young architects and lovers; Barcelona, Plaza Real. With a beautiful production for a beautiful collection, Armani proves us again his triumph with his “Frames of Life” project, where classic and stylish, endless and retro frames and sunglasses are being […]

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Flames and the world we’re living in


What is life? For the most of us we see it like a journey in which we have to make the best of it in terms of creating a successful career, experience as many adventures and places as we can, raise a family, and basically try to do anything we can to have a happy […]

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Couture couture couture


Now, if there’s something capable of making me cry just by watching the beauty of it at a glance, this is couture. Yep, I speak about those few collections per season, that are mostly made for watching. Or at least that’s what I would enjoy most of it. Unique fabrics, lots of handwork, classic colors […]

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Menswear FA’13


While the minimal approach is slowly fading away, going through my favorite designers’ collections for Fall Winter’13 I could notice some of the leading looks meanders between grunge, punk, the just-got-out-of-bed casual look, and the extremely posh and polished look. The pajama volumes (Damir Doma, Dries Van Noten, Comme Des Garçons), the long shirts and vests […]

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Vivienne Westwood rebranding the English National Ballet


What’s clear is that nowadays fashion, art, music, architecture and video productions are merging more and more each day in a creative symbiosis opening a whole new dimension of possibilities for creatives. An amazing collaboration comes from Vivienne Westwood and the English National Ballet where the designer is working on the rebranding and the creation […]

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2012 Men’s editorial looks

hunger l'sfficiel hommes NL

I know I’m totally off and the fact that I’ve abandonded the blog lately is quite bothering me, but there are some other projects I’m handling at the moment. Nevertheless this space will get back to life soon and bloom like in its old days. Thanks to everyone who still stops by even though I’m […]

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Spring Summer’13


Looks like we’re completely out of the “colorful summer” and what used to be the color blocking trend. Forget about bold shades. The palette is black, white, grey and some pastels. Minimalism, futurism and masculine inspired cuts and volumes or extremely feminine, tender and romantic looks in light fabrics, but in a more static rather than […]

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