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2011 Hypes


2011 was a very creative year in terms of fashion, streetwear, gadgets and so. But for me, there were several highlights (personal taste) which I’d like to resume in the following lines.

The collar

The creeper shoe
From Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Opening Ceremony, A Bathing Ape, George Cox and so on and so on, the creeper shoe started to rise on the trend horizon in 2010, while in 2011 it became the preferred accessory for fashion lovers. You can find it with a low, or higher sole, patent leather, animal prints, boot-like or sneaker-like. I personally found the best ones (McQ) at Berlin’s The Corner but unfortunately they didn’t have my size available.

The ombre hair


Animal and ethnic prints


Print mixing


The stripes

The sunglasses

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  1. 1099 form January 3, 2012on9:02 pm

    whats your facebook profile?

  2. Irina Petrova January 4, 2012on1:02 pm

    You can send me a message on my email address mentioned in the info section.

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