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Sicky Mag launch spot

Here’s the latest work of MMMIND studio for the launch of SICKY magazine where I collaborated with a voice over. Great team and great results! Get a copy! Share this:FacebookEmail

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Menswear SS’14

After finally going through almost all collections for next spring, I could divide two leading directions in which menswear is heading to. One (and luckily) is still the minimal look, gaining more power with each season. With clean and polished […]

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Armani – Frames Of Life

Luc, a writer; Carlos, a young barman; Nina, a talented cellist; Lucille and Adrian, two successful young architects and lovers; Barcelona, Plaza Real. With a beautiful production for a beautiful collection, Armani proves us again his triumph with his “Frames […]

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Flames and the world we’re living in

What is life? For the most of us we see it like a journey in which we have to make the best of it in terms of creating a successful career, experience as many adventures and places as we can, […]

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Couture couture couture

Now, if there’s something capable of making me cry just by watching the beauty of it at a glance, this is couture. Yep, I speak about those few collections per season, that are mostly made for watching. Or at least […]

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