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Off the market

Unfortunately I’ll be down for a while as my mac crashed the other day and as for posting through my iphone – I got all my files on my baby and some really cool things to post about… Well they’ll […]

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Happy women’s day, gals!

Well its been a tradition since 1932 (coming from the comunism) that on this day a woman is to be treated like a queen (not that she shouldn’t be treated like that every day), but still..some people do forget what […]

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Urban tribes thoughts

Today I had a class about urban tribes and that made me think a lot about the role they play in our society and how they being always on the background, affect our world. We went through about 20 different […]

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Beautiful photo I took this morning, and can’t help but post a very favorite quote by Bob Marley you’ve probably heard already… “Truth is everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for” – […]

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