So, oficially I’ll be away for 3 weeks and a bit more and I guess that posting won’t be my priority, as you might understand. Though I will try to make short updates from my trips, and especially fashionwise from New York, and also got some pending posts for Fall 10 which I’ll try to manage posting in the upcoming days.
My first stop will be my own country – Bulgaria, where you can spend much more quality time on any resort, than here in Spain for example.

Pretty much the vacacion will be concentrated in good food (bulgarian, don’t know what I’ll do in the states though..)

Relax at a beches near so much nature and golden and soft sands
A lot of spa as always…my sin..
Of course some party on Bulgarian land, where it’s not a secret to anyone…we do it good!
Then the second part of my holidays I’ll head up to Boston for a visit of my brother’s family.
I’ll make sure to go to Harvard and Oxford to touch something as I promised my friend Alina, and then become more intelligent. Then I’ll pass it to her….mmm yeah that’s our plan!
Aaaand finally, get in the car and go to New York, where it’s gonna be all about shopping
So, good night and..good luck! 
And don’t forget to smile!