I’m officially back and even though the heavy jet lag my little inner voice is bugging me that I should get on track with the posts as I’ve literally had no time at all to update this space.
Basically had good and bad moments at these last trips, but as it usually happens in life – it’s what you make of it!

Bulgaria was amazing as usual. Saw almost all of my all-time good friends. I’m happy to have them in my life and even though I don’t see them as often as I would like to, they’re always in my heart.

Had great moments with my family which is number 1 on the list always and saw for the first time the newest member – my baby niece!
Proved for 10000000th time, I’m the best aunt 
And enjoyed as always the best that my country has – the most amazing nature and the best food
sushi isn’t as bad as you might think  

that’s the typical look you might have after a dinner in a bulgarian taverna 
Fire dancers aka women and men who dance bare feet on fire. Old bulgarian ritual. For more info check here.

the hidden beaches 
the sunsets
the not-so-hidden beaches 

the past 

the food again 

somebody almost fainted seing chicken hearts 

the city 

Oh and the “only in bulgaria” moments 
Part of the salad menu in Happy and prices in levs (1 euro = 2 levs) 
And the time for me to finish this post as it’s become huuuge! Should be able to post part.2 from Boston and New York with some fashion, food and drinks picks in the upcoming days.