So here’s finally the second part of my August’10 adventures and I’m sure it’s gonna be even more interesting than the others because there’s fashion involved.
I’ve been taking shots of some personal picks from random (or not so random) stores and I personally love it!

I visited Boston first as I’ve got part of my family living there. The city is beautiful, clean and spacious and most of the America’s east coast intellectuals and big brains live or have lived there.

You wouldn’t want to miss a walk in Harvard university’s gardens. I mean you can literally breathe and feel the intelligence over there. Checking the different buildings and reading their history has never been more interesting to me, while students from the upcoming year were chilling with books on the green grass.
For food and drinks I would strongly recommend a few places as this amazing sushi place my bro took me to – FUGAKYU which is at 1280 Beacon St., Brookline where we got this …
Then a breathtaking night views of Boston together with life jazz band in one of the corners next to the windows is also a must at “Top of the Hub” restaurant and lounge at Prudential Tower’s top floor at Boylston street. I mean, really magical. Similar places I’ve been to was Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo and that hotel in Amsterdam (no name memory, sorry), but this one was really authentic.
For shopping honestly there’s no name to describe it over there. I mean millions of shops I’ve gone crazy at, and the good thing for Boston shopping is that they don’t have a tax on clothing (which they do for example in New York), so basically everything is a lot cheaper.
If you go to NORDSTROM you’ll basically get lost and go crazy by the number of brands. You can see all contemporary designers’ collections. My picks from that store would be the following…
This red beauty by Valentino for which I would die
Marc Jacobs handbags…forever
And particularly this, perfect one…
Steve Madden shoes…Discovered this brand with the great quality and design of shoes and got a pair of military boots for me from Soho, New York
Also hadn’t seen so far women’s Sperry and was super surprised. Tried them on though and they didn’t look as I’d expected
Speaking of colors in the end of the summer is crazy as we all know the era of black, grey and camel is coming, though BCBG are still trying to make the scene look very summerish.
 Be sure to visit Newbury Street and the parallel to it as there is where all the great shops are concentrated. Bumped into this vintage shop Rescue where you can find from Chloè, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang etc. to a totally unknown brands and variety of prices. Still feel sad for that red leather knee skirt was too big, but got a pair of 50’s vintage white glasses.
 I just adore my bro’s garden. Quiet, peaceful and fresh.
Marina bay is another beautiful spot where you can have a drink or some tapas. The surrounding neighborhoods are just fascinating… I mean I can’t describe it…
The one and only New York….
We stayed at ACE hotel at Broadway and 29th. Really amazing concept and people working there were very trendy. Besides they have the Opening Ceremony store on their Broadway entrance. This shop is just top of the pops, super unique clothing, shoes and accessories. Anyone visiting NY shouldn’t miss visiting it.
Hotel’s gym
I don’t really think I could write enough or give enough examples of New York shopping, food and drink spots.
 Basically a must for shopping are: Soho with all those little and unique boutique shops and, 5th avenue where all the big brands are.
Armani Exchange silver coat. Got the matching bag and the cool thing I got was a 50$ discount on the next item over 100$
Diane Von Furstenberg’s fall collection is just to die for
Over 30k Cartier beauty
Great dinner in a italian restaurant in Soho and a walk with the gang
230 Fifth rooftop garden is a nice place to have some drinks with stunning views all over NY and Empire State
And a great finish of a random Monday at Cielo with Francios K
Some random street views…
Yeah…royal McDonalds…
I happened to see Madonna’s daughter new brand “Material girl” I so much heard about at Macy’s. Basically I would say it’s a teen brand with not an amazing quality. Was not very impressed, but there were catchy styles like this cardigan and pants.
Everything is going to be alright!