Well October has been incredible busy and adventurous month. So “pinta” November, too.

Starting with a very nice trip to London, visiting my friend Cvet and also meeting old friends I hadn’t seen in some time

 Saw one of my tops – Jamiroquai! Incredible concert at HMV forum in Kentish Town, London.
Performing “Corner Of The Earth”
As I’ve said many times – It’s not important what your style is, what matters is having any style.
Another very exciting thing for me at this trip was checking out Claire and Oliver Goldsmith showroom in Notting Hill
This here is Claire’s new collection inspired in vintage styles. Amazing quality as I judge by my own IRWIN pair
As I said in my previous post dedicated to the brand, these are all different materials and colors you can have some of their vintage styles customized for you. Takes a month and goes about 450 pounds. I personally think it’s a good deal.
Downstairs, the private lounge with the whole vintage archive
The masters
Walls are covered with their press and publications. Impressive! I mean lady Di!
All vintage treasure. Each style can be customized with a chosen material and your name tag on the inside
1964 style
A queue for Manolo Blahnik signing his book
Couldn’t miss a visit at National Gallery and stare to some of my fave paintings
Putting together furniture is never a challenge
A Saturday walk at Portobello market
…where I got these beauties…
Amazing vintage shop
Party at Rhythm Factory
And some Fabric with Cvet and Patrice
Amazing views on the way to the airport right after I wasn’t let on the plane and had to stay 1 more day
Paragliding at my birthday! Amazing experience I would never forget!
A nerd Haloween
More nights in costumes…
And most important…I quit my job at Nike where I’ve been working for the last two years and will dedicate myself to another project.
Honestly I’m feeling quite moody as I’ve learned a lot in the Nike family for that time and I kinda could’ve progressed quite a lot at my position, but as always, I need to live on the edge and I will take risks in the name of dedicating myself to other interesting fashion related projects.
My last conference call with the European Nike team 🙁
I’ve got 3 working days left at Nike and I start my post-graduate studies at IED plus handling a special project, secret for now and still some shootings going on around…
Very happy with this last shoot for which there will be more details soon.
And meanwhile more wrinkles