I really even don’t know how to begin this post after such a long break. I admit that since I have this blog, I never left it without a post for more than a week and there’s been times I was posting updates every single day.

But as everyone, I needed a break. A big time, real break from everything in my every day life. For as much as I like to think I’m relaunched, I am not. But I need to get back on my feet and I’ll start start with the blog.

Next steps are very challenging, uncertain and risky. But change is good. Change is motivation and makes you feel alive. Of course, it almost always includes struggling, getting back down to roads you’ve already been and starting your fight again, no matter how far you already got. Falling, getting up, and falling back. But there’s always the getting up part. And it feels amazing. And you will never experience it, not that sweet, if you don’t eventually fall back again.

So here I am, preparing to leave all behind for an adventurous future.

Thinking about life. It’s an amazing experience that we are lucky to be given and we should taste every little spoon of it with great sensibility and awareness for it. Each moment is unique. And it could never repeat. It could never be the same, it’s gone. So taste it with all your senses. Taste it with your heart, taste it with your soul, taste it with your eyes, your skin, your body. Breathe it. Breathe every single second. Breathe the happiness and breathe the sorrow, the bitterness, the joy. Because for me living a happy and meaningful life is to live an emotional life.

Cry if you want to cry, laugh, love, scream…whatever you do, just do it with your soul and feel everything you do deep inside of you. That’s the sense of life. To be aware. To be happy just for the fact that you’re here and you’re given the amazing gift to feel, instead of looking for happiness in career, money and material things. That’s called satisfaction. And it’s not eternal. Cause when you buy a new dress, a new car or a new big house you’re happy, but just for a while. Eventually it stops giving you this fake feeling of happiness soon enough. Of course, you may have it, but don’t identify with it.

The happiness I’m talking about, the happiness of the awareness of how amazing life is just appreciating our ability to love, appreciating the whisper of the trees in the woods, appreciating a single smile of a dear friend…that’s forever. And once you discover it you will never lose it.

And no matter how many everyday troubles you might have, deep inside you’re happy. You tend to forget it sometimes, taken by the superficial challenges of the everyday life. But on days like this, I now remembered that I’m happy.

It’s all about feeling the moment…

Wanted also to share this amazing mix that really touched me deep deep…very deep this summer. Enjoy…

green grass over sanity. by calli.fornia

And in the meantime I was not posting I was kind of between the following things: