We relate to places with feelings. With memories.

Listening to some of my favorite jazz tunes in this rainy Sunday evening, looking at the amazing nightview over Barcelona and distracted only by the soft light of a candle on the table next to the window, I feel ready to leave¬†tomorrow. I realize that in the end, I’m full of love. Full of love for all the people that I leave here. Not quite sure yet if my decision is right or wrong but I feel the urge to find out. And I will follow my heart.

This will not be the typical Goodbye message saying names and posting pictures. I will just say “I love you” to all the people I leave here. And I know that once they read it they will know who they are.

And in one way or another you’ve changed the way I am and left something of you inside of me, that I will carry with me wherever I go.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and a part of my life.