Five days before Christmas and 11 days before NYE I’m starting to feel again the way I feel every time at this time of the year.
A mix between feeling of compassion, deep feeling of love for my family, thoughts and conclusions for my emotional status at the moment, spiritual growth and goal tracking of the year.
Why compassion?
Being a very compassionate person myself and having the child’s naiveness that I could help every being in need in this world and that somehow that is something I HAVE to do I can’t help but feel sadness around Christmas. I wouldn’t say that that’s my ego trying to feel better and look better. It’s just the way I am. I fill myself with pain whenever I see a homeless person or an animal. Every time I do, I do the very best of me to help him, even with just a lunch. And then I leave with a broken heart. Because I hate that the world is so unfair. I hate to have a warm home, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a hot shower, when there are so many people and creatures out there starving for days and sleeping on the cold pavement. And this feeling of mine reaches extremely high levels of compassion especially at this time of the year.
The time when most of families gather round a rich table, exchanging gifts, unfortunately most of them not realizing the treasure they have in their hands.
And I love Christmas. It’s somehow the time of the year when nothing but love and good matters. When I can make my people happy with a present, a card and show them in one way or another my love and their importance to me.
But I also hate it, because every second of this so important holiday I feel sad and I feel the pain for all the people who are alone at this moment, for all the people who don’t have a home, or ever had it and lost it, and for all the unfairness out there. It’s very sad and the worst thing is I cannot do anything about it.
If every family that can afford to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s eve was to invite one homeless person at his table, just for that few hours at this time of the year, the world would’ve been a different place to live in. Living would’ve made much more sense.
I just want to wave with a magical stick and make everyone warm and happy on Christmas, all around the globe. Because no matter what kind of person you are, no matter what color, where you’re born, what mistakes you made in your life, you deserve goodness. And I believe that goodness affects people and changes them. And makes them better people.

Another thing we tend to do during these 10 last days of the year is our balance-check. A lot of people put limits and deadlines for their achievements, but I think that’s wrong. Still, it’s important to think now and then, localize yourself on the map of your life and realize what you did good and what you did wrong throughout the year that’s gone.
Because not even this minute you read this will ever be back, not even today, not even this morning. So what I think about is trying to be a better person with myself and with everyone else in each passing second. Be more careful with my decisions and the decisions that affect other people’s lives. Be less materialist, more spiritual. Be more fearless and braver. And shine. Smile. Because you will never have the opportunity to smile again exactly at this moment. Smile. It changes people and it changes the world.

And I can’t think of a better way to finish this and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!