I know I’m totally off and the fact that I’ve abandonded the blog lately is quite bothering me, but there are some other projects I’m handling at the moment. Nevertheless this space will get back to life soon and bloom like in its old days. Thanks to everyone who still stops by even though I’m not posting. Big love to throughout the world!

Here’s some of my favorite editorial Men’s looks for 2012. Speaking about editorials, 2012 has been a great year where lots of new talents and young creatives released amazing works that could stand equal next to projects by the top photographers and stylists.
This year looks interesting too though, as fashion is making a little twist and we definitely have a swift in volumes, colors and fabrics. So this opens a whole new field for creatives to make beauty and art captured in a shot.



“The razor’s edge” Essential Homme

Louise Vuitton 10 Men

“Beijing Affair” HERCULES

“Black Matter” VARON

“The Walk” Odda


Numero Homme

Dario Salamone for The Greatest Mag

“The Porter” GQ China



“The Right Direction” Homme Japan

Nicola Formichetti for Dazed & Confused

Dior Special Commons & Sense

“Dark Material” F Homme

“Mr. Lin” Wrong Mag

Essential Homme Shunichi Oda

“Grey Gardens” Visual Tales Mag

Hero by Aitken Jolly

“Hunger” L’officiel Hommes NL

“The big chillin” Nylon Jak

“Knife” Hero mag

Nylon Jak

“Stuck” Hercules Universal

“Urbohemia” Vogue Homme International

“Urban Guy” F*cking Young online

L’officiel Homme

“Journey Man” F*cking Young

“Undercover” Schon

Lost And Found Bite