To me, having an own blog has always been too much, on the background of all those pages where we daily share our thoughts, the songs we like, reconnect with friends. But here I am with my new soul chimney – another tiny personal space for my friends all around the world.

Content will be concentrated around my passions such as music, fashion, food and in general lifestyle based on those and of course my own theories and thoughts which fight day and night in my tiny head.

Chapter 1.

What happens when you reach ‘that’ age where you always thought you would be somewhere and you actually find yourself at another place. You panic. I believe every person has gone through this at a heavier ot lighter state, in thoughts like ‘I’m 28 now and when I was 18 I thought I’d be doing ‘this’ or ‘that’ by now’.
This ‘syndrome’ has just got me and I cannot find my place. These days I’ve realised I’m out there in the real world for quite a long time now and I kind of lost a lot of time, doing things which don’t inspire me.
So the question is – What do we do wrong?
Some people say that time is not a waste and everything sooner or later will find its use and give you its fruits. I don’t believe this. I think that loosing 3, 5, 7, 10 years in something which is really not your thing, is a waste of time. And I am also a true believer that we only live one life. So…what’s the thing to do when you start feeling this? – Run, drag, creep, get your butt up and start changing your future, go for the things you really wanna do, invest everything, give your all, sacrifice everything you’ve got…because that’s key to happiness.
And that’s exactly what I’m going to do this year to radically change my life, from which I really do not complain, I love every single minute of it, but I want more and I’ll go get it.
And that’s what you should also do if you feel even for a second there’s something you wanted to do and you’re not doing it. Because the worse thing is to regret something which depended on you and you didn’t do anything about it…

In the end, life goes to couple of memories and moments. So it depends on you if the positive will outnumber the negative.