What is life? For the most of us we see it like a journey in which we have to make the best of it in terms of creating a successful career, experience as many adventures and places as we can, raise a family, and basically try to do anything we can to have a happy and joyful life full of peace, respect of others, social status and of course love.

Unfortunately in the times we’re living in, this is obviously not the formula. Times have changed and we are all centered in our own lives but we don’t get to look from the other perspective. The perspective real heroes were looking through back in the days when fighting for the collective good and sacrificing their own lives which was a way of living. Unfortunately we all complain, but mostly do nothing to change the world we’re living in. There is one nation though which I truly believe to be the most advanced spiritually which stands for freedom and is not afraid to sacrifice. And that is Tibet.

But I’ll tell you another story today for a young man who became a hero on February 20th. I met Plamen Goranov (37) fifteen years ago and since then, although I was pretty young, I felt he was special. Not like any other person I had met. Deep, creative, positive, romantic…I really cannot find the words to describe his colorful personality. And I tell you, I’ve met many valuable and amazing people in my life.

I’ll tell you now a short story of a small country in Eastern Europe which happens to be my home country, although I left it eleven years ago. I cannot help but dream often of the beautiful mountains, the wild beaches, the smell in the air, the birds, the beautiful, smart, talented, sensitive and good hearted people I remember. The history we have, the traditions kept for centuries, the national folklore…If I just stop thinking about these things I can clearly say with a hand on my heart that Bulgaria is a real paradise. But…nowadays – it’s HELL. Due to corrupted government for many years, politicians became mafia and mafia became politicians. The rest, it’s needless to say. You all know how it works.

Well that young man I was telling you about above was not an usual citizen, mostly complaining for the situation (as bulgarians have done for so many years now that it has become a model of thinking). He decided to act. He went in front of the municipality one morning at 7:30am, carrying two containers of gasoline and a poster, demanding the mayor’s resignation at the same day by 17:00pm otherwise he’d set himself on fire.

A few minutes later he was burning in flames. The same day the government resigned. Eleven days after that, on 3rd of March, probably the biggest national holiday in Bulgaria when “The liberation” of almost 500 years of Ottoman domination is being celebrated, Plamen dies in the hospital.

Now, what exactly happened that morning we do not know to this date. Plamen was heroic enough to set himself on fire, but didn’t he has a plan first? No one, besides the security and two police officers saw him. They say nothing. The poster he was carrying mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared again. No one shows us to this date what was on the 2/4 security cameras that have recorded the whole act. Some say there was another person next to Plamen who previously set him on fire. No one knows what happened to Plamen that morning. And the more people ask and try to find out, the more dangerous it gets for their own lives.

Covering the truth again. That’s what Bulgarian leading figures are specialized in.

But no matter what, a hero lived, and a hero died, for his country. In 2013. People are awaken, people ask questions, they are sensitive now and I truly believe that what Plamen started can be finished.

We all just have to understand that by thinking locally there is no way we make life better. Because this world is ours now, but will be our children’s tomorrow.

RIP, dear friend! You will be remembered forever! Not only by your friends, but by the whole world!