Back there in 1989 when producers Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti formed the group named SNAP they had no idea that their mucic together with rapper Turbo B would create one of the most succesfull electronic dance albums ”World Power” and Nº1 singles in Uk, such as ”The Power”, ”Rhythm is a dancer”, ”Oops up” and many more.
To me Snap has never grown old. Since the graduation of my kindergarden when I made a performance in the theatre stage at ”The Power’ dancing break mixed with some moves I really can’t define today (it’s aaall recorded, worth seing), till today when we reached times where the only good music is in most of the times electronic music and basically is the only one which progresses and delivers quality sound and can be pretty flexible to satisfy our million tastes, I still listen Snap with amazing pleasure and enjoy the rhythm as it was released yesterday.
Too sad music changes and different genres are slowly disappearing.