Some days things really turn upside down and the air feels different, the sun shines in a more cosy and more ‘yellow’ way! We all have those days, but they’re not fairly distributed through the year. At least usually not for me.

I had an amazing long weekend, starting 3 days skiing in Andorra (always loved the slopes together with my ipod, the views, breathe the mountin, feel the relax…). Of course I’m not going to forget mentioning it was Mia’s first ski resort visit. We succeeded enter and leave the hotel with her in my handbag with no one seing her. The only dissadvantage was having the ”Do not disturb” tag on the door the whole day so that cleaning ladies won’t see her meanwhile we ski.
The journey went on, going back to Barcelona and leaving for Madrid right away. I was to be interviewed in the US embassy for a visa, and I already had one denied. With no pressure at all I was approved my visa and mostly because of my job status. We came back last night and today in the office there was this MRW envelope waiting with my 10 year USA visa, which I never even thought would happen ( I was hoping to get a 6 month one ). Also found on my desk a ”Spa for two” smartbox catalogue for selection, which I fairly won at last week’s workshop at Nike.

Bascially I’m writing all this because couple of days ago I used to see no sence in many things I was doing and somehow they all started to flow up and pop with a little tag saying ”I was worthy”!
So today I’m happy!