If someone asked me if there was an eternal tune, mix, set or album for me it would not take much time for me to answer ‘yes’. And it is Hotel Costes compilations harmonically selected by frenchie Stephane Pompougnac. Heard them first time in 1999 and totally fell in love with those amazing jazzy-lounge tracks. The selection of each album is unique, one and only and the sound never grows old.

Hotel Costes is an actual hotel in France at Rue Saint-Honore one of the most posh parts of Paris, found by the bothers Jean-Louis y Gilbert Costes in 1991 and designed by Jacques Garcia. The hotel is barroco italiano style and the terrace and lounge bar have happened to be an often visited place by models and movie stars attracted by Stephane’s sessions which gives the beginning of Hotel Costes cd compilation.

If you still haven’t got them yet don’t even open my blog anymore until you do – http://www.hotelcostes.com/

Personally I have all the albums and especially this amazing anniversary velours box with a single drawer for each cd.  Also have the Hotel Costes 10 specially signed for me from Stephane ( I’m a sick fan, I know ). But these albums represent my life. Have been listening through them all over again in all kind of moments, in ups and downs, in every part of the world I’ve been. They’re precious to me! I just ordered the last album – Hotel Costes 12 and can’t wait to add it to my collection.