The idea of living in the big city, that seems so appalling and glamorous to all of us when we’re kids starts to gradually fade and change through the course of our physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Once “you’ve been there, done that” in your social relationships and career achievements, what else can the big city really give you? Of course, it all depends on how you evolve and what kind of a value system you build for yourself, as well as how much more you really want to know about the world and our existence. But if you really thrive on searching, finding, connecting and reinventing yourself constantly, you will eventually, find yourself drawn each time more and more to the most remote and raw places on our earth.

The truth and peace can easily be found and felt through simplicity. But it’s hard and almost impossible to find simplicity in the city. And that is why many us flee, as much as we can “into the wild”, where we can reconnect with our purpose as human beings. Where we can just be part of it with all our senses, restore our bond with flora and fauna we once lived with, and feel that primitive, high spirit we all carry inside us, that is part of the whole breathing body of The Universe. As we are slowly detaching from that spirit on a global scale, we’re loosing our true abilities to love the way we should love, and we’re failing to feel the absolute happiness through the primary source.

On one side, I couldn’t be more happy to see that every day more and more people are creating and nurturing this awareness in themselves, because even felt for a few days, weeks or months, this powerful, yet so simple connection awakens us and opens so many endless doors of joy, meaning and kindness, and makes us, therefore everyone around us – better.

On the other side, it made me think, it all starts to sound a bit trivial already, doesn’t it? And that’s unfortunately, because there is another side of the coin. When nowadays social media exposure has become a stage for many unawakened people to project their ego ideas and mental concepts of themselves, and where spirituality, as well as love are often displayed and highlighted in a meaningless and reckless way.

But anyway, my words and the following shots from my road trip in Iceland, this month of August, are for those who feel bewitched when gazing the stars and the sun, for those who wouldn’t trade anything for the smell of the forest after rain, and for those who can see the divine in the eyes of animals.

We drove around the whole island in a camper van (special thanks to TripCampers Iceland) through many challenges due to storms and zero experience in camping, but the greatness of this unique corner of the earth is indescribable and unforgettable.

Coming soon, a full and detailed video of our 12 day road trip with the whole itinerary, adventures and beauty!