Ok, so finally a week ‘holidays’ coming for me. It’s going to be at the same rhythm as my day to day, as I will leave Barcelona tonight to go to spend 3 days in Sofia and 2 and a half in my hometown (which are 5 hours drive one from another).
Crazy as that! But the matter of time won’t change my evil plans of eating as much as I can that unbelievably-incredible food my of my country,

fitting as much people as I can in my schedule, taking advantage in prices, doing as many beauty treatments as I can,

shooting a countless and exagerated number of photos as usual (now with one of the most amazing digital non pro camera  Lumix DMC-LX3
and buying excessive number of books!

I really fill myself with good energy when I go back to Bulgaria, because after all it’s my people, my culture. I almost always get also quite angry with people, but that’s normal for us who live abroad. Funny stories are expected as usual!

So more to come on the road soon!

Hasta la vista!