I had to produce, style and photograph another shoot for the Skulls magazine which I’ll be producing and we’ll launch soon.

I chose a nice house in the middle of the nature in a village with 10 houses and 13 citizens in total. It’s what you see right there in the end of this road.

We stayed there three days, two of which was dedicated to the shoot and the rest was sitting in front of the chimney, or walking in the valley šŸ™‚

The views and some of the spots I shot at were pretty much with this air, but for the moment it’s a secret of course.

I am super satisfied with the result although it costed me quite many nerves and stress, as I had to produceĀ the whole shoot, do the styling, and photograph it myself.

Anyway, I’m very impatient to get going with the magazine and publish the photos!

What’s next in the upcoming weeks? A trip to lovely London and a night in Fabric next week, a shoot for a designer which will also stay secret for the moment and a production for a beer advertisement.