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Flames and the world we’re living in


What is life? For the most of us we see it like a journey in which we have to make the best of it in terms of creating a successful career, experience as many adventures and places as we can, raise a family, and basically try to do anything we can to have a happy […]

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Five days before Christmas and 11 days before NYE I’m starting to feel again the way I feel every time at this time of the year. A mix between feeling of compassion, deep feeling of love for my family, thoughts and conclusions for my emotional status at the moment, spiritual growth and goal tracking of […]

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We relate to places with feelings. With memories. Listening to some of my favorite jazz tunes in this rainy Sunday evening, looking at the amazing nightview over Barcelona and distracted only by the soft light of a candle on the table next to the window, I feel ready to leave¬†tomorrow. I realize that in the […]

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Back to life


I really even don’t know how to begin this post after such a long break. I admit that since I have this blog, I never left it without a post for more than a week and there’s been times I was posting updates every single day. But as everyone, I needed a break. A big […]

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