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Tribes and the enchanted world of Papua New Guinea


The vibrance, craftsmanship, purity and magical wildness of Papua New Guineans’ lives, traditions and aestethics cannot be captured by any type of lenses. Nevertheless, my passion and drive for shooting took me back with some pretty special images, which I hope will do transmit to you the nuances of this enchanted world I found myself […]

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PNG & Flores


And while I ponder and reflect upon the PNG experience, I leave you with a few quick teasers. Full films and blog post coming soon.         Share this:FacebookEmail

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Iceland road trip film


I’ve finally managed to edit my first video from our road trip to Iceland, which took me quite a while, though considering I learned everything from filming, to editing it all on the go I am quite happy with my first amateur test. Looking forward to the next exciting trip when I could apply everything […]

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The idea of living in the big city, that seems so appalling and glamorous to all of us when we’re kids starts to gradually fade and change through the course of our physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Once “you’ve been there, done that” in your social relationships and career achievements, what else can the big […]

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Cambodia and Indonesia


I went on this trip in August, 2014 but due to lack of time, willingness and probably a bit of laziness the travel report comes now, eight months later. With Southeast Asia being a destination with so many wonderful options, we were initially hesitating a lot on what to put on our list as priority . […]

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