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They say that travelling is always an enriching and meditative experience, no matter your destination, but my last trip to Iran proved again that certain places and cultures ( and they’re mostly the less visited by the common tourist) really have the power to change and enrich you enormously, taking you to a completely different […]

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If there’s one magical spot on earth, I can now say without a doubt it’s the land of Tibet. This has been the most amazing experience of my life so far. You know when they say there are places where you feel the special energy, and I’m sure everyone of you have at least experienced […]

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Armani hotel Milan


Without a doubt anything that Giorgio Armani comes up with, is assured to bring the average art and style lover unconditional pleasure. Anyone that appreciates esthetics and fashion will be shortly looking for bookings for his new hotel in Milan, which looks just amazing. Armani’s style nowadays remains classic, but chic not only in clothing, […]

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Skulls Mag shoot

I had to produce, style and photograph another shoot for the Skulls magazine which I’ll be producing and we’ll launch soon. I chose a nice house in the middle of the nature in a village with 10 houses and 13 citizens in total. It’s what you see right there in the end of this road. […]

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The Paris trip

Last week the spot was Paris. It was also the last days of Paris Fashion Week, but the main goal for our trip was to check out the Chanel x Colette pop up store. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph it (if we don’t count the cookie bar and Chanel necklace shots I took where […]

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