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Another year gone… Sitting on the sofa in the cosy and warm hotel room in Stockholm, amazing city by the way with cool young people everywhereand reaaalllly low temperatures, awaiting for the clock to ring 12 o’clock for the new year to come, I’m trying to do what most people do today – do the […]

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Birthdays, projects, trips

Well October has been incredible busy and adventurous month. So “pinta” November, too. Starting with a very nice trip to London, visiting my friend Cvet and also meeting old friends I hadn’t seen in some time  Saw one of my tops – Jamiroquai! Incredible concert at HMV forum in Kentish Town, London. Performing “Corner Of […]

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Very busy days lately, with a lot of work coming from Nike and a lot of external projects coming ahead. Very soon there will be more info on everything and probably I will be moving the blog into a website, so stay tuned. Also two new shootings in the last two weeks. One for Nike SB and […]

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20 days in shots part 2 – Boston and New York

So here’s finally the second part of my August’10 adventures and I’m sure it’s gonna be even more interesting than the others because there’s fashion involved. I’ve been taking shots of some personal picks from random (or not so random) stores and I personally love it! I visited Boston first as I’ve got part of […]

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20 days in shots

I’m officially back and even though the heavy jet lag my little inner voice is bugging me that I should get on track with the posts as I’ve literally had no time at all to update this space.Basically had good and bad moments at these last trips, but as it usually happens in life – […]

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