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Take off!

So, oficially I’ll be away for 3 weeks and a bit more and I guess that posting won’t be my priority, as you might understand. Though I will try to make short updates from my trips, and especially fashionwise from New York, and also got some pending posts for Fall 10 which I’ll try to […]

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Off to Bulgaria

Ok, so finally a week ‘holidays’ coming for me. It’s going to be at the same rhythm as my day to day, as I will leave Barcelona tonight to go to spend 3 days in Sofia and 2 and a half in my hometown (which are 5 hours drive one from another).Crazy as that! But the […]

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Sunny days

Some days things really turn upside down and the air feels different, the sun shines in a more cosy and more ‘yellow’ way! We all have those days, but they’re not fairly distributed through the year. At least usually not for me. I had an amazing long weekend, starting 3 days skiing in Andorra (always […]

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