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Last Obsession – Tom Ford


Lately the art of video production is growing with an immense speed in fashion. All designers nowadays produce their videos to give us a better “feel” of their collection. Also it is used quite a lot while shooting as part of the presentation of the collection.
I am a true photography lover, but I can say that I adore fashion videos. They’re so much more expressive in a way that you completely feel the collection with almost all your senses (excluding smell). You even get quite close idea of the touch of the fabric. And of course the music. In a fashion video for me it is basically the most important and significant part that switches things one way or another without leaving any place for doubts of how you should see the collection.
Adding the amazingly skilled young people doing video productions of a whole another level nowadays, I can say that I am just impatient and excited to see what’s gonna happen next.

P.S. Even all online clothing shopping will be presented with videos very soon.

Now here’s a video production by Luca Finotti starring Jamie Wise, Sebastian Sauve and Nick Lacy for Tom Ford’s Men FW’12. Lovely.

THE LAST OBSESSION from Luca Finotti on Vimeo.

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