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My new Epos Milano Poluce and a short talk for sunglasses again…

I think sometimes I’m crazy for spending money without even thinking, and mostly that happens when I see a pair of glasses that I like. I can’t really count the number of sunglasses I have so far, but believe me it’s over 17.

What happens no matter what my bank account screams, my eyes get bigger and as I told my boyfriend today, it’s like some evil powers enter my mind and body and I’m helpless to do anything but buy them. (that happens quite often. If I see something that I like – I like it!).

So my December discovery was a pair of Epos Milano glasses (when I say discovery it means I didn’t know the brand so far). So I totally fell in love with these glasses, but in a different colored frame in two colors. I loved them, but I said to the man in the store that if the glass was another color (like greyish) it would be better. What happened is that the man told me he could make them for me and I promised passing by after xmas holidays. So I went there today just “on a check up” with n

o intentions of buying, cause I spent a fortune at Stockholm shops on my trip last week…but….

He told me he had made the new style as I asked him, but he SOLD them!!!! It’s like…

.that was my idea, man! My style! And not only this, but he made another ones after that as he saw people liked them, and guess what – SOLD THEM TOO!!!!

So, he suggested he made another ones for me and see if I would like them. As it was just an idea of mine and I had never seen the glasses in these colors which I thought I would like in live, I wasn’t fascinated by the result, and was not like I expected it. But…(As I told him, I should become a frame and sunglasses designer, or at least he should pay me a comission for the ones he sold thanks to my), I suggested him to change the crystal with another color.

He did it and I loved them…so there was no way not to buy them…sorry! Can’t help it!

Having the crystals that were supposed to be on the style I liked not used, he put them into another black frame (As once again I suggested), and got an amazing new style which all the staff liked…Seriously I should think about creating my own brand!

So after  some research on the brand, which obviously is an italian vintage glasses brand, I got to know that exactly my style “Polluce” comes from the mid 80’s and was a favorite among New Wave hipsters and white-collar, Wall Street yuppies. They even found a leading role as an accessory in Brett Easton Ellis book “American Psycho”.

Other styles that I totally love by Epos Milano:

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