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Vuitton & Kusama


In the world of art there’s always been the undercover synthesis that connects artists of all kinds with places, colors, smells, random situations, and even with other artists’ work, which leads to an inspiration and new projects. This is the case of the latest limited edition collection by Louis Vuitton, where Marc Jacobs got inspired […]

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Elie Saab

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Elie Saab haute couture. Nothing else to say. Becu Student Loan North Carolina Student Loan Apply For Sallie Mae Student Loan Student Loan Directory Debt Consolidation Loan Non Homeowner Eastern Bank Auto Loan Rates Teacher Loan Forgiveness Schools Stafford Loan Lender Citibank Student Loan Corp Wa Home Loans Apply Study Loan New Car Auto Loans […]

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Talking about men’s trends for next year’s hot season there’s one thing I couldn’t help but notice – the late 80’s comeback in terms of volumes. Definitely a bohemian touch, wider trousers and shorts and a lot of sheerness. A lot of white, beige and blue and bold colors combined with pastels. Also black is […]

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I know I’ve been off, but due to some personal events I am not able to dedicate more time at the moment for writing and posting. Still I am online and I am alive, more than ever! More updates soon, and in the meantime just hopping to share with you what it NOT missing in […]

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Focus on street wear


Lately street wear is playing a big role in the overall fashion scene, as each time there are more and more brands with extremely fresh cool and sophisticated designs with amazing quality and innovative fabrics as well as countless great “colabs” between brands and artists which always come up with something spicy and cool. Here’s […]

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